About the Center

The Energize Connecticut Center is located at 122 Universal Drive North in North Haven

The Center is an interactive, professionally staffed facility that combines displays, educational tours, and a resource center to educate the residents of Connecticut about energy. Exhibits showcase the benefits of using energy wisely, including: cost savings, comfort, convenience, sustainability, and environmental impacts.

Through guided or self-guided tours, visitors will learn about: energy sources, electricity generation, the important role energy plays in daily life, and ways to use energy wisely. In the resource center, visitors can learn about programs and financing available to implement energy efficiency and renewable solutions in their home or business. A meeting and event space is available for public use at no charge. A guided tour can be incorporated as part of the event to enhance attendee experience. After a visit to the Center, Connecticut residents of all ages will be empowered to make smart energy choices at home, at work, and in their community.

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