Web & App Design

  • Club & School Baseball Website Template

    Visit Site:  Guilford High School Baseball 

    Visit Site:  CT Bombers 

    This website template is designed for Club & School Baseball programs, but can be modified for other sports. The fully responsive design looks and works great on any device and includes an easy-to-use, custom content management system that allows administrators to manage the website without any coding experience.

    The template provides the ability to post news articles and announcements to the public, display multiple teams schedules, rosters and stats, alumni news, features and listings, and provides an entire section for fundraising groups. There is also a private account area for players & families for team-only messaging, event registrations/payment gateway, and account profile management. The template also has capability to sell and display sponsorship advertising at various different levels throughout the site.

    Use the links above to see the template live online. Besides the coding and website layout, we provided most of the graphics as well.

  • US Football Pool Website & App

    Coming soon - USFootballPool.com is currently in it's test season with plans to debut to the general public in 2022. The purpose of the website/app will be to raise money for charities, while providing game-pick pool play for both professional and college football in a social-media type of environment. One of the goals of the project is to promote pool participation vs. general sports gambling, with the concept being that individuals can get the same excitement by participating in pools while eliminating the risk of losing large amounts of money that is always present with gambling.

    The website is a responsive layout, that will be eventually be transformed into an app. It allows its users to select game picks, track their own progress along with others in their pools. People can create their own private pools and are automatically entered into their state, regional and national pools.

  • EnergizeCT Center Website

    Visit Site:  EnergizeCT Center 

    In June of 2015, EnergizeCT opened the EnergizeCT Center in North Haven, CT. The Center was a unique, interactive experience for both adults and children - part energy efficiency resource and part hands-on learning laboratory, that showcased the latest energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy technologies. We were hired to construct a Resource Library website, that would be used within the Center itself, and provide remote access to all the Center's learning materials and informative documents.

    The responsive website layout was built to be viewed on all types of devices, and to be touch-screen friendly to accommodate the Center's kiosks. The website also included a custom administrative area, giving any EnergizeCT staff member the ability to modify the content of the site. Design focus was on existing EnergizeCT branding. The Center was closed in Dec., 2019 - but you may view the Resource Library website by clicking here .

  • CFMS Fund Website

    We created the original website for the CFMS Fund back in 2013, and it has since been migrated into a WordPress template. While it has been updated from the original design, the current website still posesses many of the elements from our layout.

    The original website provided event registration, payment processing for registrations & donations, and email marketing. The site also included a custom administrative area to manage and process event registrations and provide financial reporting in regard to website activity. While we are not responsible for the current site layout, you can visit the cfmsfund.org website by clicking here.

  • eeSmarts Website

    eeSmarts is an energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy learning initiative funded by EnergizeCT, for the purpose of creating an energy-efficient ethic among all school-age students in Connecticut. The program provides a wide range of assistance to CT educators including professional development workshops, lesson plans for students and helpful resources such as museum partnerships. Our visual concept for this website was developed with a focus on the site needing to appeal to both adults as well as elementary-aged students. The site featured in-depth information on the initiative, online educator workshop registration, and an educator account area for the purpose of tracking worskhop registrations/attendance and access to lesson plans and other valuable resources to assist in their efforts.

    The site also provided a gateway to the annual eeSmarts Student contest, where students/educators could get contest info, submit entries for the contest, and track the winners. An award ceremony was held each year at the CT State Capitol with the governor in attendance. The original design (left) was built in 2009 and was then updated into a responsive layout in 2013. The eeSmarts website has since become part of the EnergizeCT.com website.

  • CT Zero Energy Challenge Website

    The original CT Zero Energy Challenge website featured a select group of CT architects & builders going head to head to see who could construct the most energy-efficient homes. The Challenge was conducted by the CT Energy Eficiency Fund, which has since become EnergizeCT. The site was built to promote the Challenge, its participants, and to track their progress each year. The site displayed building specs, photos, videos and participant information for each project.

    The Challenge website has since become part of the EnergizeCT.com website, and the final year of the Challenge appears to have been in 2019.