Marketing & Branding

  • CFMS Fund Ads & Marketing Materials

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    The CFMS Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to improving & extending the lives of those with Cystic Fibrosis & Multiple Sclerosis through various fundraising events.

    We provided everything the CFMS Fund needed to advertise and showcase their fundraising events in 2013. Pieces included full-color newsprint/magazine ads, web ads, 20+ page event handbooks, posters, invitations, table cards and more.

  • Moroso Performance Magazine & Newsprint Ads

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    Moroso Performance Products designs and manufactures high-performance auto parts for racing and auto enthusiasts. We worked with them to design print advertising for their products. Ads were full-color magazine, or 2-color/grayscale for newsprint. Ads often focused on professional racing results and drivers that achieved success while using their products. Frequency of ads were approximately twice per month.

    Moroso provided all the content for the ads, which was often extensive and provided a challenge to fit everything they required into the ad frame. Some ads also required technical illustration to display product manufacturing details. In the year we worked on these ads Moroso achieved corporate sales records.

  • Seton Identification Products

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    Seton Identification Products manufactures and retails a large catalog of products primarily aimed at facility managemnet. We designed many catalog covers, ads and other marketing materials for them between 2001-2006. The largest project was the complete redesign of their multi-section, 800+ page Source Book Catatlog.

  • Branding / Logo Design

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    We've designed a number of logos for buisnesses and organizations over the years.